Ditching the Rat Race

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You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would an upper middle class family sell everything and hit the road?” That’s like really irresponsible! Perhaps but slaving away until our next vacation is not the way we want to live. We want every day of our lives together to be a non-stop adventure.

Why the minimalist lifestyle? In all honesty it all boiled down to…wait for it…stress. Yes, ladies and gents it was stress. My husband and I thought that chasing the American dream would make us happy. We literally had a house with a white picket fence. Once we had the house we weren’t happy. So it had to be money, right? If we had more money we would be satisfied. We ditched our home state of Ohio for sunny South Carolina.

My husband had a high paying job. I had started a successful Sip & Paint business and bought a Gift store at the same time. We felt happy; things were running its course until late 2016. Working so much was putting a major strain on our children and our relationship.

We began to ask ourselves, “What is the point?” Why are we running this rat race? For more money? More material objects?

It then hit me that my happiest moments were when I was with my children and being outside. The idea of living simply without screens or interferences made me pine for a different life.

Throwing all caution to the wind we decided: “What the hell!”

Let’s sell all of our stuff. Like literally sell everything. I’ll admit it was hard at first I hated letting things go, especially my beautiful rug from World Market. It took everything within me to not pull the rug out of the lady’s hands as she happily trotted off to her car.

We worked very hard to get our house ready to sell. We wanted to travel and needed to squeeze every cent out of our house. We aren’t sure where we want to travel. We do know that we want to travel long-term and see as much of the world as possible.

I’ll be honest with you- the idea of not having a house or job is scary. Except the more we sell and the more we talk about our plan solidifies why this is the best plan for our family.

“Home is where the heart is.” I buy into that phrase and know that as long as I have my husband, two little boys, scrawny cat, and spastic dog I’m home. We hope to be chugging along in our RV by the beginning of next year. Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “Ditching the Rat Race

  1. Your such a beautiful writer!! Good luck you guys, y’all are gunna have so much fun and I would bet it would bring u closer as a family. I love you all so much and can’t wait to read about your adventures!!!

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