Free Bird


There is a familiarity with the life that I lead. Only living in South Carolina for two years I have made quite a few friends. As an extrovert I didn’t truly gain my confidence until my twenties. My need for constant human interaction is what gets me up and going; truthfully it is one of the reasons why I am excited about getting on the road. There are so many people and places in this beautiful world that I can’t be contained to one zip code.

Where did this wanderlust come from? I have to blame my parents. We were always moving as a child. I am pretty sure I had gone to over a dozen schools by my senior year of High School. The longest we lived in one place was for five years.

Moving constantly has its pros and cons. As an acne-ridden, over-weight girl with frizzy hair and a speech impediment, I learned quickly that I had to adapt. My parents had no idea that they were teaching me lifelong lessons. Children are so resilient and I was no different. I was able to make many friendships along the way and gain independence.

We have so many people supporting our choice. We have also had a few people question our decision. I respect everyone’s opinion. We worked very hard to get where we are today. If we decide to not travel we can always pick up where we left off, except we will have a clear idea of where we want to live.

Everyone’s definition of success is different.

I used to live in an apartment where I never turned on the heat because I couldn’t afford my electric bill and every night I ate pancakes. I hardly had any money, worked two jobs, and went to college full-time. Andrew worked his way up from a technician to an Engineer over eight years. Most people would consider us successful now. With that being said, we didn’t work this hard to become penniless vagrants on the road.

Our idea of success is not money. Money is fleeting. It comes and goes and as my Grandfather used to say, “You can’t take it with you.” Our goal is to give our children a worldly upbringing. I know that I will have been successful when my children are not afraid of the unknown. I want my children to go to the beat of their own drum. Dream big, take risks, and fail. Yes, fail! You can’t learn anything by playing it safe. Safe is boring…safe is familiar.

The best thing that my parents did for me was to always support me. No matter how far-fetched my ideas they supported me and were always very positive. Especially my Mother. If my Mother were still alive she would say, “Go for it, Nina.”

We have this one life and it’s so short. How could I go on living in one town when there is so much more waiting for me?

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