Fearing the Unknown

Fear is like any other emotion. It serves a purpose that generally pushes us in a positive direction. It keeps us away from danger. It’s part of the whole ‘fight or flight’ instinct within us and does its part in keeping us alive past the age of six.

But fear can also be debilitating. It can hold you back. It can drive you into the same complacency that has kept you where you are at. Fear is that fence keeping you trapped in your back yard when there is an entire world beyond it.

Last year, we discussed the RV idea and I quietly drove (no pun intended) the thought out of my mind. Part of that was because I was comfortable. Part of that was because I was scared. The whole idea of selling everything we own and moving into an RV is frightening. It was then and it is now. I’m not going to pretend like I’m nonchalantly charging into this without any concerns.

I’m concerned about finances. I’m concerned about where we will stay. I’m concerned about selling our store and our house. I’m concerned that everything is going to fall through and I’m going to keep living the life I have been for the past several years.

And maybe it will. This blog, this account, this story – none of it is guaranteed. There is nothing to say that we won’t run into so many problems that this just doesn’t happen. Maybe the pipes in the house break. Maybe a health concern pops up. Maybe both of our cars fall apart at the same time (it already happened once in 2012.)

But we cannot control that. All we can do is plan for our future, set our goals, and move forward with a determination that cannot be easily broken. Life may stop us but I refuse to let fear do the same.

Fear will keep me at a job that gives me nothing more than a wage. Fear will keep me in a lifestyle that safely clothes and feeds my family but gives us no valuable time together. So what exactly is fear saving me from, in this case? As far as I can tell, it is only protecting me from the unknown and who has any right to say whether or not that “unknown” is going to be good or bad for certain? Wayne Gretzky once said (and I only know this from Yearbook senior quotes) “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Well, Wayne, I’m taking a shot and I’m hoping that the goalie is that kid from the first Mighty Ducks movie.

I’m still human. I still have fears. But I won’t let that be the reason that this doesn’t happen. I’ll let life decide that.

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