Is This What Success Feels Like?

Perhaps some clarification is required.

Our plan to RV is not a getaway. It is not a vacation. It is not a way to run away from problems. It is not an excuse to party, drink, and be stupid. 

This is real – it is a real change and the number one driving force is that we will come closer together as a family, closer to God, and closer to nature. Sight-seeing is secondary to being together.

As I stated before, so many people are unhappy with this concept of life that we’ve been offered. We work endlessly for companies that do not care about us, with no real payoff besides a big house you never see. Our children are raised by the school system – by strangers – and only get to spend time with us on the weekend and for a few hours at night.

If you need to be medicated to get through your day to day life, then you’re doing it wrong (and I only say this to people that are stressed because of their work life – not those who have actual mental/physical conditions beyond their control). If you only look forward to watching some show on TV at night, then you’re distracting yourself from the real problems in your life. Drinking alcohol is just another escape. 

I’m not trashing anybody that deals with life this way because guess what – I’m still right there with you. I never see my kids. I look forward to the end of the day when I can lay in bed with my wife. I try to find positive things to get me through countless hours of vehicular gridlock and work. But why? Why do I put myself in a position where 80% of my day is spent sleeping or working for the other 20%?

Because it is the norm? This form of ‘the norm’ has only been around for the last 100 years, roughly and is hardly normal in the grand view of human history. Never before have families been dispersed like they have in the industrial revolution of America.

Because I have to provide for my family? There are other ways. My children will never go without food, clothing, shelter, and most importantly: love. The fact that I am never there for them leads me to believe that our concept of ‘providing for’ is bit misguided.

Because otherwise I’ll be a bum? My intention is not to sit around and do nothing. Neither is that Kristina’s goal. We are both individuals who strive for more and put in an effort. I’ve been working full-time for 11 years with about 5 breaks in there. I worked my way up from having an Associate degree and as low a technician job as you could get to being an Electrical Engineer. I’m not bragging – I’m proving my point. And Kristina? She has been a Teacher, a Nurse Aid, An Artist, and a Business Owner – she has more than proven to me that she is versatile. Is there any reason to believe she won’t find some sort of full-time/part-time flexible work online or in person? I mean, she has a Master’s Degree. There will be plenty of problems in life but one of them should not be our ability to provide for ourselves and nobody should be confused into thinking we are going to sit around until our savings account dries up.

I won’t regret trying this and failing, if that happens. What I will regret is looking back at my life and seeing that I was leading a life of unhappiness like so many others and chose to stay the course because ‘that’s just what you do.’

But those who disagree with our decision refuse to understand this and simply see us throwing away our lives and everything in it. Throwing away our big house and all of our stuff. Throwing away jobs and businesses. Throwing away all of the success we’ve achieved.

And perhaps that is where we differ. Because I am living this life and this does not feel like success. This feels like other people’s idea of success and I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work for me. Just look at the lead singer of Linkin Park who just committed suicide. He was entirely successful by normal standards but was miserable, inside. I can’t say for certain but maybe if he left that life behind, he could have eventually saved himself … maybe not … depression is a different story. But what I can say for certain is that our general American idea of ‘success’ did not pull him from the abyss.

Time and again life reminds us in various ways that owning things and having stuff does not lead to happiness … so why continue on with that façade? Life will never be perfect but we all have to try our best to find a way through, anyway. Just because my path is different does not mean it is wrong.

2 thoughts on “Is This What Success Feels Like?

  1. I am so glad you guys are following through with this. I just dispise being at work away from my son. Some days it is 12 plus hours! Its not worth it. I wish you all the happiness!


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