Young Love: The Story of How We Met



How did Andrew and I meet? I love hearing how couples meet and most people have a great story. Our story isn’t romantic. I don’t believe in soul mates or love at first sight. We are two imperfect people who met by chance. A summer fling that grew into much more…

Andrew and I are from the same sleepy town in Ohio. We were both delivered at the same hospital by the same doctor and are only months apart in age. We went to the same school (when my family wasn’t moving around) and there is even video of us standing together as we performed a song during Vacation Bible School. It’s hard to watch the videotape now … it’s like seeing David next to Goliath … except I’m Goliath.

Although we were from the same small town we never spoke to one another. We had our own groups of friends and didn’t have any classes together throughout high school. It wasn’t until after graduation that we met.

Around that time I was living in North Carolina with my family but was accepted to Akron University. I planned to move out of my parent’s house the day after my 18th birthday. Once that day arrived I eagerly drove back to Ohio and had one of the best summers. I was young, pretty, full of hope, and without a care in the world.

Also at this time, Andrew started to like my best friend, Lindsey. After going on one date, they didn’t work out. Lindsey actually liked Andrew’s friend and I was there as a buffer. The first night I met Andrew, he ended up crying on my shoulder over … you guessed it  … Lindsey. It might have been the alcohol but he was a mess of emotions and I was uncomfortable. After letting Andrew cry and listening to him get out his teenage heartache, I decided to call him the next day.

Turns out we had the same sense of humor and instantly clicked. We were inseparable. If you saw Andrew, you saw me and vice versa. We had never dated anyone else and our first kiss was horrible. I mean really, horrible. Andrew got the courage to kiss me while we watched some rom-com movie. He leaned in to kiss me and I froze. I didn’t move. I didn’t kiss back. I said nothing. Afterwards we sat in silence for an awkward two hours as we finished the movie and I immediately left. Not one of my finer moments but makes for a good story.

Young love is amazing. Between the tingles and butterflies in my stomach, I was obsessed with Andrew. When I was away at college, we called every night and I made weekly 90-minute trips, to and from, to see Andrew as much as possible. We’ve been together for fourteen years and married for ten years this October. Over that time our love has been constant and has matured. Nowadays, we can go quite some time apart but it always feels odd. Neither of us can get a good night’s sleep when we’re not with each other.

We have been through a lot together. I won’t say that it’s been all sunshine and rainbows but we don’t give up on one another. He is the only person I know like the back of my hand. When I used to feel out of place or sad I knew that Andrew would lift me up. He was with me when I was at my heaviest weight and loved me when I was falling apart. My mother’s sudden death was a low point for me and Andrew was there to just let me cry.

He puts up with a lot of stuff- from my wild ideas to my mood swings. Most people would have given up on me. I am not perfect. I made many mistakes and don’t have things all figured out. Andrew knows this and is willing to be by my side through thick and thin. We are renewing our vows on our Anniversary at Folly Beach, South Carolina. Our best friends are going to be there with our two awesome kids. To answer your question- yes, Lindsey will be there too.

Ring Bling

I said, “yes!” (again)

We cannot wait to share our beach wedding with you all. Renewing our vows is going to be a simple affair but we love one another more than ever. Wishing you all the same.   xoxo

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