It’s Never Going to Stop

Life is never going to stop. Well, eventually it will … but what I mean to say is that every time you get a plan in place or set your mind on something, life inevitably says “nope.”

But you know all those memes they make with inspirational sayings on them? The ones that optimists don’t need and pessimists don’t care about anyway? Well, they are true. Mostly.

Our house has not sold yet and that’s a major hang-up for our travel plans. So, what do we do if the house doesn’t sell? Well, we keep living. It’s hard to comprehend this for some people but as an eternally unworrying man, I do not have an issue with this outlook. If our house does not sell, all it does is put our plans on hold for the time being. But does it irritate me or make me worried? Does it aggravate me? Not really.

Because I still have a bed to lay down in at night. I still have clean clothes and a car that runs. I have electricity, plumbing, and somebody to take my trash away.

More importantly, I have a beautiful wife who is not only my companion but my best friend. I have two wonderful boys who are healthy and generally well-behaved. I have my own health. I have my father, my mother, my brother, and my best friend – all states away but all available to talk if I need it. I have a full-time job that pays well and I just received a solid annual review.

Things could be worse.

Yet, still, some would find joy in learning of our current struggles. If that is how they get their kicks, then so be it. Relishing in the failures of others, though, is perhaps the most viscerally useless and pathetic trait of mankind. Some would find relief that our plans have not yet come to fruition – that my life is currently following the path they think is best for me. I would only say to them, thank you for your concern but this is only a temporary setback.

We will travel. We will live our lives free. We will not be bound to unending schedules, debt, and a life that we do not want. Perhaps it will take more patience than first assumed but in ten years, will it have mattered when we started, so long as we did? What is January 2018 vs. December 2018 in the long run?

We have a plan in place and we have shared it with the world, knowing full well that things were not going to be perfect or go the way we want. That was part of the reason for this – to share our successes but also to share our struggles. But the plan has not changed, not the long-term one, anyway.

So what do you do? You deal with it. To quote a song from Brand New’s latest album, Science Fiction:

It’s never going to stop

Batter up

Give me your best shot

Batter up

Never gets forgot

Batter up

Don’t get what you want

Batter up

I think of the people I’ve lost in my life … the family, friends, and coworkers who are no longer on this Earth … and it reminds me of how short life is and how meaningless so many ‘struggles’ really are. Here I am. Batter up.

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