“Of Brick Windows and Broken Men”


Hello faithful readers!

It’s been a hectic few months up here in Alaska. I haven’t had a chance to write about our travels to the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, or even Area 51 (true story!) but plan on compiling our experiences for everyone to enjoy.

What I HAVE been working on is my latest book, a fictional tragicomedy, of sorts, called “Of Brick Windows and Broken Men“. A quick synopsis, from the Amazon page for the book:

Alex opens his lunchbox, hoping to be blown apart by an explosive, but only finding a ham sandwich. It’s just another day at Evernot Solutions, a production facility that erodes the collective workforce morale with each passing day. Dealing with the insufferable, policy-bound Manager of Human Resources, an increasingly paranoid department supervisor, and more, Alex and the rest of the test lab find themselves trapped within a humorless comedy of professional survival.

But behind the scenes, a greater dilemma is unraveling. The company is being set up to be sold to a German investment group following a decline in business. The “patriotic” Vice President and morally decaying Plant Manager set out to disrupt the sale at any cost, including their own sanity. Facing belligerent coworkers, inane corporate policies, and perpetual layoffs, Alex and his coworkers grow increasingly wary of their surroundings. They will have to stand up to the system or fall further into the abyss.

It’s goofy. It’s sad. It’s me, on paper.

Looking back at my time running through corporate environments, finding little to no fulfillment in the 9 to 5 grind (or in many cases, 4:30 AM to 3:00 PM grind), and seeing similar discontent in my friends and coworkers, “Of Brick Windows and Broken Men” confronts a very real concern in our society. Many people, both hourly and salary, are busting their bodies to make ends meet at these production facilities, and they are missing out on their own lives!

My wife and I moved to the bush Alaska and have never second guessed our decision. We love the change of pace, the connections with nature, and the comfort of knowing that we are not slaves to the almighty dollar. This book reflects on this idea – that to live for wages is to not live, at all.

Feel free to buy a copy on Amazon.com, leave a review, or, if you are short on cash, email me and I can even send a free PDF copy for a limited time. Thank you for your support!

Andrew Bellamy

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