Losing My Travel Companion

From that little apartment, all alone, to a big house with kids … he saw it all through with us. Every step of the way, that little orange cat was there ...

Two Days in Seattle

When people think of Seattle they often think of rain, coffee, and maybe even Grunge music. Toss in Frasier, too, I guess. But those are the thoughts of those who have never been to Seattle. Haha! Not like I, the great experienced traveler! All kidding aside, I’ve never lived in the city, and far be … Continue reading Two Days in Seattle

A Year in the Life – A Rural Alaskan Retrospecticus

It’s May here in Hughes, Alaska … just like it’s May everywhere else, too. I say this because sometimes it feels like we’re in a different universe way up here. Heck, Little Caesar’s Hot-n-Ready pizzas aren’t even the same price as in the lower 48: ***Plus tax where applicable. Available at participating locations. Prices higher … Continue reading A Year in the Life – A Rural Alaskan Retrospecticus

The Journey to Alaska – Day Nine (Whitehorse, Yukon)

This is a continuation of our family trek from Fort Mill, South Carolina to Fairbanks, Alaska. For other parts in the series, click on the links below: Day One (Part One) – South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee Day One (Part Two) – Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri Day Two – Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota Day Three & … Continue reading The Journey to Alaska – Day Nine (Whitehorse, Yukon)